Media Kits and You

Today’s blog is going to be a little different. Rather than learn by the example of others, I want to talk to you about something I’ve been working on for a while. Let’s talk about my digital media kit.

As I explained in my first post on this blog, I am currently enrolled in a Principles of Public Relations class at Missouri State University. It’s been a wonderful experience and I feel like I’ve learned so much about PR, but that’s beside the point. Throughout this semester, one of our assignments has been to create something called a digital media kit.

A digital media kit is a tool for both your company and reporters. Whenever you launch a product, you will use a media kit to organize all the company information, PSA’s, news releases, and more related to the launch. Then, reporters, reviewers, and more can look in your media kit and pick out the information they want to use. A well-constructed media kit will make covering your product release an even more attractive option.

For this assignment, I had to come up with a fictional company, then that company had to launch a fictional product. Then, I had to create a media kit for that launch. I came up with a company called EnerGG, a fictional energy drink company known for their natural energy boosters that replace caffeine and sugar. For the media kit, EnerGG will be “releasing” a new product called EnerGG Apple, a new twist on their signature drink. In the kit, I included a fact sheet, a news release, a radio PSA, some artwork, testimonials, and a page of general industry information.

This kit is the culmination of everything I’ve been blogging about these past few months, and I am proud of the result. I hope you find something useful in the kit and, beyond that, I hope you feel like you’ve learned a little bit about public relations. I know I have.



Let’s learn PR

Hello friend! My name is Austin Lambkin and I’m a Public Relations student currently enrolled at Missouri State University.  I’m excited to get into this blog, but first let me tell you about myself.

I was born in Kansas City, Missouri and spent almost my entire childhood there (there was a brief stint in New York, but let’s not worry about the little details). My entire life, I’ve had a knack for anything involving words. Reading, writing, public speaking, and anything else in between. You name it, I was good at it and excelled at it.

That’s actually what led me to Public Relations (or PR, if you want to sound like a professional to strangers). I realized that, oftentimes, I was better at articulating the ideas of other people than they were and they often appreciated any help I could give them. Nothing annoys me more than when someone has a great idea but can’t seem to find the words to tell anybody about it.

Anyways, enough about me. Let’s get into what this blog actually IS.

This blog is going to be my way to show the world all the wonderful intricacies and theories of Public Relations (it may also be my way of earning points in class). But don’t let that discourage you! I am still incredibly excited to write this blog and share PR with the world. However, it is generally a good idea to be transparent in your actions and reasoning, so here we are.

Before I found PR, I was studying to become a Chemist. I still carry that love of theories and deep knowledge pools around with me, and PR has a lot to offer in both departments. I can’t wait to share all that I have learned and am still learning with you and the rest of the internet.

If there is anything specific that you are trying to learn about or if you just want to tell me how excited you are, leave a comment down below. Otherwise, see you next time!